Saturday, January 23, 2010

Being a working mommy

It's been a while since the last time I updated my blog. I was busy looking for a job. Never thought I could get a job in less than 2 months time. Thanks to my friend CP who told me to try for Astro as they were looking for a tv sales exec. Since I got the experience in media sales, therefore it helped me very much in getting the job. Anyway, I must thank God too because He listened to my prayer as I always wanted to work in a TV station.

This is my 3rd week of working. I'm not quite used to it after stop working for 1 year. Remembering the 1st day I went to work 3 weeks ago, I had to get up at 6am in order to express milk. It took about half an hour for that. Then Nathan woke up at about 7 something while I was making up myself. I woke my mum up in order to feed Nathan and I pity my mum as she never wakes up that early normally. Since she's helping me to take care of Nathan, she has to force herself to wake up so early. Thanks mom!

The moment I stepped out of my room, I already felt missing Nathan.. this was the worst feeling as I'd been taking care of him for so many months and now I had to go back to work.. I asked myself do I want to be a working mommy or a full time mommy, my answer is full time mommy. I don't know why, as I really enjoy taking care of my son as I get to see him every day and night. It's so happy to see his changes and progress in every manner everyday. Now, after back to work, I think I'm really missing the moments I used to be with Nathan.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I like massage

I'm so happy today that when I weigh myself on the weighing scale at S2, I've lost another kg. Yay, a few more kilos to go. The significance of the weight loss could be seen after doing the Advanced Detoxfication Program. I personally like this as the therapist would first scrub my whole body, then massage with coffee yogurt, lastly wrapped with hot blanket. The scrub contains essential oil that was so relaxing. The aroma of the coffee yogurt was so 'sweet' and 'tempting' and made me felt like having a cup of cappuccino. The entire program lasted for about 2 hours and I did enjoy myself by being pampered with the scrub and massage.

I remember the last time I had a massage was when Jeff and I went to Bali for honeymoon. We had a spa and Balinese style massage for couple in a small spa hut. The feeling was a bit weird as seeing husband undressed and being massaged by a woman. But the feeling went off immediately when we both were left alone to have spa together in a wooden hot tub. We really enjoyed ourselves in Bali. However, my sister and brother in law who just went there for honeymoon didn't really enjoy themselves. Later I found out the reason was because they didn't go for the spa and massage. I told them it was a waste if you go to Bali and didn't go for that. Anyway, I wouldn't mind to go there again for our anniversary.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Pretty Mommy

2 days ago I brought my mom to Dior roadshow at Mid Valley for a make over. She got it for free as this is her birthday month. She was so worried that it won't turned out nice as she's not very good in posing and smiling in front of the camera. Moreover is in front of the professional photographer. Well, as you can see from the picture, isn't my mom is as pretty as a HK star? :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

I had a dream

I had a bad dream last night. Dreamt of my head is getting bald!! Luckily it was just a dream. I think I had been worrying too much on my hair loss problem. Actually my hair started to fall after Nathan turned 4 months. Before that, my hair was so healthy and not a single hair fell from my head. Moreover, I was so confidence to tell my hair stylist that I had so much hair and wouldn't worry that I would lose any hair. Hope my hair loss problem would stop soon as I already losing very much of hair on my forehead.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Happy Boy

Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me and Jeff such a lovely cutey smiley baby Nathan. He's almost 6 months now and he's growing healthily and happily under your shelter. Everyday when I look at him and he smiles with me.. that smile melts my heart immediately. His smile is so pure, sincere, lovely and precious like an angel smiling with me. Oh God, please continue to bless little Nathan and hope your love will continue to shine on our family so we could be a happy family ever after. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Happy Hours

It's been so long since the last time I had gathering with my bunch of ex-colleagues who were working in 988. Reason for not gathering so often was because some of us took turn to get pregnant and then gave birth ever since we left the company. So it was not so convenient for everyone to gather together. The most recent one who was just gave birth was Pui Yen as her baby is about 2 1/2 months now. Before that was Jessie and her baby is about 3 months now. It was our first time to have a lunch together since everyone gave birth. It was so funny as all we talked about was breastfeeding, taking care of babies, milk pumping, losing weights and etc. Sometimes mommies do need encouragement from other mommies as taking care of babies is not an easy job.

I'm so grateful that I have this bunch of friends who can always be there to share, to talk, and to laugh on anything. Although it was just a casual lunch, I really treasure that few happy hours.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Got to do something

I was told by my friend Odi that she is now working with S2 Slimming and she told me they are famous with its unique skilled hand massage or 'Manual Fat Dainage' to remove excessive fat from the body. My first impression was it must be very painful... ouch!! However, Odi said it's not that painful once you get used to it and manual massage could help to unblock clogging in the lympathic system and tone the body to slender shape. Luckily I'm still breastfeeding my baby boy as it really helps me to lose weight real fast. Nertheless, I know breastfeeding would not help me to get back the 's' shape from pear shape. I got to do something. I guess being slim is one of the ways to boost up my confidence and charm. If not, I worry one day Jeff will turn to other women.. ha, I know he won't.

I decided to go for a try with S2. I had my 1st treatment at their AU2 outlet 2 weeks ago. It was a new shopping mall located at Taman Setiawangsa. The outlet looks small but I was surprised with their complete facilities and equipments. I was greeted by a lady called Kylie (she wasn't in the photo). She was very friendly. She explained in detail to me on what was I going to do. Joey who was the therapist helped me to get measurements. Then I started off with whole body massage by helping me to stimulate the lymphatic system for 45 minutes. It was a little painful and I did enjoy it because I felt so relaxed and Joey was so good in it. Followed by a wrap for 20 minutes. After that, she took me for a 10 minutes sauna. Lastly I had a navel care therapy which is an abdominal massage that mainly promotes detoxification and extract the wind from abdomen.

The treatment ended for 2 hours. For the 1st time at S2, I would say I was overwhelmed with their professionalism. The staffs were friendly and helpful. I’m happy as I know I did the right thing.