Saturday, January 23, 2010

Being a working mommy

It's been a while since the last time I updated my blog. I was busy looking for a job. Never thought I could get a job in less than 2 months time. Thanks to my friend CP who told me to try for Astro as they were looking for a tv sales exec. Since I got the experience in media sales, therefore it helped me very much in getting the job. Anyway, I must thank God too because He listened to my prayer as I always wanted to work in a TV station.

This is my 3rd week of working. I'm not quite used to it after stop working for 1 year. Remembering the 1st day I went to work 3 weeks ago, I had to get up at 6am in order to express milk. It took about half an hour for that. Then Nathan woke up at about 7 something while I was making up myself. I woke my mum up in order to feed Nathan and I pity my mum as she never wakes up that early normally. Since she's helping me to take care of Nathan, she has to force herself to wake up so early. Thanks mom!

The moment I stepped out of my room, I already felt missing Nathan.. this was the worst feeling as I'd been taking care of him for so many months and now I had to go back to work.. I asked myself do I want to be a working mommy or a full time mommy, my answer is full time mommy. I don't know why, as I really enjoy taking care of my son as I get to see him every day and night. It's so happy to see his changes and progress in every manner everyday. Now, after back to work, I think I'm really missing the moments I used to be with Nathan.


  1. Being a working mum is not that easy nowadays just like my mum. Although i haven reach the stage like you still i'm so prove of you !!..Keep fighting ya? ^^

  2. I understand how you feel Grace. I was like you before, my son is only 3 months younger than Nathan. However I wasn't that "luxury" to stop working for 1 year to take care of my son, I just follow the law where 2 months maternity leave and go back to work. I still remember I cry the whole night and day after after I carried my son to our nanny to take care. I have been seeing him everyday for 2 months and now I have to go back to work, I can't see him as often like last time. I have no choice, however times will heel your agony and you'll be back to normal mood. At first I also scared my son won't stick to me, only stick to nanny. But now he's already 8 months and every time he sees me, he is very happy and stick to me like Glue!

    No worries Grace. Just be persevere and God will always bless you and your family. Good luck!